Most Advanced Software
for Sterialization

Reprolog is an RFID-Enabled Sterilization, Reprocessing, and Instrument Tracking Solution
for Dental Clinics and Institutions. The most advanced solution on the market for digitally
recording all IPAC requirements including the certification of biological and chemical
indicators. Saving you valuable time and never fearing an unscheduled audit.


Customizable for any region

Retrieve and
email reports in

Easy to operate

Autoclave safe RFID tags

Don't Put Your
Practice In

Track Your Dental Cassettes, and Instruments using Reprolog

Focus More On Patients,
Less On administrative chores.

Record Multiple Items At Once Saves Time & Money

Who can Use REPROLOG?

Dental Clinics

We offer scalable solutions, such as specially-priced packages and equipment designed for high-volume use, helping CHCs, DSOs, and other larger clinics maximize return on investment while enhancing patient experiences.

Independent Dentists

Whether you are updating select equipment or renovating, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs—and help you find more time with patients and your practice.

Dental School Solutions

To help support the next generation of dentists and hygienists, we work with dental schools to customize solutions that meet the needs of the academic programs.

A new world of dental safety and efficiency

Improved patient safety

Reprolog effectively increases patient safety. Reduces risks through automated checks and notifications and helps in planning patient sessions.

Cost reduction

Track and improve the flows of single-use materials or instrumentation.

The new normal of clinics

Analyze and optimize the process and strive for continuous improvement.