Streamline Sterilization, Tracking &
Audits With The Leading RFID Dental Solution

Reprolog is the ultimate solution for dental clinics and institutions. Our advanced RFID-based software streamlines sterilization, reprocessing, and instrument tracking while ensuring compliance with all IPAC requirements. Say goodbye to manual record keeping and hello to saving time and peace of mind. Never fear an audit again with the REPROLOG.


Autoclave safe RFID tags

Easy to operate

Retrieve and
email reports in

Customizable for any region

Keep Your Dental
practice safe
and efficient

Track Your Dental Cassettes, and Instruments With Reprolog

Patient-first approach - simplify your practice

Maximize efficiency - record multiple items simultaneously

Who can Use REPROLOG?

Dental Clinics

Maximize ROI, enhance patient experience with our high-volume solutions – perfect for CHCs, DSOs and larger clinics.

Independent Dentists

Customized solutions to fit your practice needs – free up more time with patients and practice.

Dental School Solutions

Empower future dentists & hygienists – customized solutions for dental schools.

Next-generation dental care - Safety and Efficiency

Improved patient safety

Reduce risks through automated checks, notifications and session planning

Reduce costs

Streamline material and instrument tracking with

The new normal of clinics

Optimize processes and strive for continuous improvement